Stop The World, I’m Getting Off!

via Daily Prompt: Overworked



Sandy, blew out an exasperated breath and checked one more item off  her To Do list. The thrill of accomplishment that normally accompanied that little action was not there today. The list was still very long and the day was getting shorter. She’d just gotten home from work and there were personal things to attend to that seemingly could not wait, like renewing her tags online before the deadline in just a few days! Sandy perused the list; was there anything she could move to another day or, better yet, not do at all?  A weariness, that  a 5 Hour Energy or a Red Bull drink  couldn’t touch, draped itself around her shoulders and seeped into her very bones. Sandy wanted to cry but she knew if she started she may never stop. Shaking her head and taking a deep breath, Sandy mouthed a quick prayer and went on to the next task. In that moment, she made an executive decision and smiled as she circled the item on her list with a flourish. This item had originally been at the bottom of the list but she’d decided to move it up. Sandy begin peeling off her clothes as she headed to the bathroom. It didn’t take long to run a tub, light a few candles, dump in some bath salts and tune her phone to a smooth jazz station. Within minutes of sliding into the soothing waters, Sandy’s mind was somewhere else and her list… it was on the floor!    #yougottaknowwhentotakeabreak!


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