Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

via Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

 I searched for before and after pictures on Google and found this one of super model, Tyra Banks.  I immediately recognized the “after” picture of Tyra but was surprised at the before example. I would have walked past her on the streets without a second glance that this could be Tyra and it’s not just the absence of make-up and dolled up hair.

The “before” reflects a totally different personality like the transmogrification of a girl I knew in high school after she had a makeover. She went from being a mousy, nondescript student who slumped through the halls to a vibrant person who walked with her head held high and a new pep to her step. I thought she was a new at school. When I discovered who she was, I marveled that a makeover could literally transmogrify someone into a completely different person!

Her “Angela Davis” afro had been tamed to a short, boyish cut. The large, square-rimmed glasses she wore had been replaced with contacts and her pass-me-down looking clothes were updated to 70’s chic.  Prior to the makeover, this girl, who looked like she’d faint if you said “Hi!”,  was now popular, outspoken and fun to be with. She was the first example that came to mind and a great example of TRANSMORGRIFY! This kind of makeover did more than just add some “spit and polish” to her outward appearance;  it seemingly changed the perception this girl had of herself which then changed how others saw her as well!  The word, “transmorgrify” is new to me but the concept isn’t;  “As a man thinketh… so is he…” Proverbs 23:7


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